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Robin James
United Kingdom, Berkshire, Reading,
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Wednesday, March 9, 2022 at 12:00:03 AM Greenwich Mean Time
Type of sale? For sale
Undercarriage Type? Conventional
Seating? Dual Seating
Airfield location Stored North Hampshire

This is a largely completed Avid Flyer built from a kit.

It is an Avid Flyer Speedwing with tailwheel and most of the Mk4 mods.

Wing span: 24 ft

Wing chord: 42 in; 51 in including flaperons

Length: 17 ft

Height: 67 in

Empty weight ~420 lbs

gross weight 911 lbs


Manufacturer’s claimed performance:

Cruise speed 110 mph – 80mph is more realistic

Vne 125 mph

                      solo       dual

Weight         580 lbs 911 lbs

Stall speed 33mph 40mph

rate of climb 1200fpm 850fpm

take-off distance 125 ft 300 ft

landing distance 500 ft 600 ft

The fuselage is covered and painted white. It is sitting on its wheels and the engine is installed.

The instrument panel has not been started – I wanted to leave this until last because modern instrumentation is developing fast.

The wings are silver doped, awaiting painting.

The engine is a Rotax 582 water cooled. It has never been run.

It has the standard 18 US gal right wing tank +

Left wing 9 US gal tank + baggage locker

There is also a baggage locker behind the seats – plywood bottom and cloth sides.

Still to do are the instrument panel, final engine installation and painting the flying surfaces.

The price is negotiable. A completed one was advertised for £18,000 recently. Projects go for very much less.

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