Posting an Ad

Posting an Ad requires free registration.


Use the title as a short description IE 1/5th Share in a C152

The description field requires a minimum of 30 characters.  A good summary will cover the age/history/specifications of the item you are selling.  Follow this up with information on any running costs or requirements. Closing out with a location and local arrangements.


From the dropdown box, and work through any sub-categories until the submit button is lit.


Choose your currency and price, and if the price is negotiable.


Telephone number and email are required but has an option to hide from others. For aircraft sales chose the location of the aircraft for other items to use your city, town, village accordingly


This option may not be visible, it all depends on which category you chose earlier.  If shown, then use the dropdown boxes to help with the inbuilt search engine functionality.


You can upload up to four photos with a maximum size of 3MB, smaller is better, but ensure they are at least 800 pixels wide.


The package option will appear after you have created the content for your ad, and if you revise the content at a later date.

The advert packages are:

BRONZE (FREE): This will post your advert for 180-days with a two auto-renewals.

SILVER: Offers a green promotion banner, and ensures that your advert remains in the top Promoted section for 30-days of the total 180-days the advert will run.

GOLD: Offers a red promotion banner, and ensures that your advert remains in the top Promoted section for the whole of total 180-days the advert will run.

Base Leg Aviation Classifieds use an external system called Stripe to handle your purchase securely.  Your account will show ScholarTech ICT Services Ltd. Please check your profile list for any invoices created during this process.

Other packages are available on request via the contact form

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