Promoting your Ad

Promoting your Ad

Base Leg AC provides the tools to enable you to promote your ad from a single central location.  We recognise that the days of placing one advert in the local flying publication are a thing of the past, as Nowadays, there are hundreds of online aviation websites, brokers, and social media platforms.

We know that keeping track of where you have advertised can be a bit of headache when you need to update or close your ad.  By using our dedicated central location removes that burden, and ensures you won't be receiving emails and phone calls from people for years afterwards.

Using Base Leg AC built-in promotion tools enables you to create a fantastic looking ad on our website, and then at the click of a button easily share you advertisement across social media, email, direct linking, and more. These one-button sharing tools are also available to our visitors, meaning sites you didn't know existed could be viewing your ad within minutes.  While others share your ad, you can feel safe in the knowledge that all these areas link back to one secure location on Base Leg AC.

And when you sell, its simple case of deleting your advert on Base Leg AC, which will set all shares and links as not available, we call it the "Sold it, close it" button.

How it works

Under your advert title, you will see the quick share options to the popular social media sites along with an email tool.


The three icons explained.

Facebook: If you have a Facebook account, just click the F symbol, and Base Leg will fill in all options needed for you to share your advert. look for the dropdown box which will allow you to share to groups and pages you are a member of (join the groups first, then come back to Base Leg AC).
Facebook Options

Twitter: If you have a Twitter account, just click the bird icon and Base Leg will fill in all options needed for you to share your advert with your followers. Hashtag away.

Email: will open your default email client and populate all the necessary fields with titles and links, you just need to add the emails.

For anything else you can just copy the unique URL from the top of your browser IE:{unique-code}


Each advert placed on Base Leg AC records its own statistics on views, social media shares, etc. knowing that our website gets thousands of visits is excellent, but understanding if that traffic is viewing your ad, and from which source is invaluable. 
Stats example