Upgrade to store

Base Leg AC Store, makes advertising easy!

Free commercial and private advertising with an aviation theme.

BASE Leg AC Store enables aviation businesses to advertise under their own store name/business name.

How it works

1. Register a user account
2. Once your account is activated, log into your Account info and upgrade to store. (information lower down)
3. Upload your advert
4. View your store direct at{Your Store Name}

Advertising is Free

You can run up to five consecutive advertisements free of charge. If you require more, then you can easily upgrade individual adverts to one of our chargeable promoted packages, which would effectively allow for unlimited advertisements.

Base Leg AC lists all advertisements on both our website and Facebook page. Promoted adverts enjoy the top-of-shop status, and appear at other key locations throughout the Base Leg AC Website.

Not all websites are created equal

By linking to our store option, you can quickly and easily add, modify and delete advertisements as required without needing to worry about web code or web page aesthetics.

Base Leg AC is part of ScholarTech ICT services who have over 30 years’ experience in the IT and aviation industries.  Meaning we are well equipped to assist with all aspects of your business IT, and website configuration.

Upgrade to Store

To set up your company, go to “MY ACCOUNT” and chose +Upgrade, this will open the store option form.


Chose Enable, from the dropdown box, and fill in the fields as shown above, then SUBMIT.
* Company & VAT Numbers are optional and used for invoices from Base Leg Aviation Classifieds only.

Once your store is activated, all your Ads will automatically appear under your store name. You can promote/link to your store directly with{Your Store Name}

Let Base Leg Aviation Classifieds handle the advertising, while you manage your business.